The Contactless Busking Solution From Card Cutters

The Contactless Busking Solution - Busker performing on the street with his contactless payment prototype

The Contactless Busking Payment Solution – Latest Payment Innovation from Card Cutters!

Buskers are a common sight on our high street and although we have to admit it, these talented performers perhaps don’t get the attention they deserve. Ask yourself, how often have you taken the time to stop and listen and give them your spare change? Probably not that often!

To get to the bottom of this, Card Cutters carried out a few surveys to get a better idea of how often the public will offer a little charity to the buskers they encounter when using The Contactless Busking Solution.

What’s more, we’ve even come up with an ingenious way to  make this much easier for everyone.

We asked the Great British public a number of questions to work out what’s affecting their desire (and ability) to give our nation’s buskers a financial contribution – and the results we gathered were quite intriguing.

It would appear that many of us do take the time to stop and watch a busker or street performer, but almost half of us simply don’t have any change to offer. As well as this, up to 34% of us claim to never carry any change at all! You might be starting to get a better idea now why buskers might not do so well.

Digging deeper into our survey results, the stingiest demographic is those aged between 25-34, as this age range claimed to either be ‘too busy’ or have ‘no change left’ more than any other. Something needed to be done about this.

So, as innovators in the world of contactless payments, Card Cutters created another prototype solution that can offer those watching our performers an easy opportunity to pay them what they deserve with The Contactless Busking Solution Prototype.

Using the same NFC (Near Field Communication) technology found in our contactless card terminals, we embedded a payment system into the guitar case of this busker, as the pictures above and below show. The system was created with a fixed spend of £2 for those making payments.This allowed the members of this busker’s audience to swiftly pay him, all with the quick tap of their contactless cards.

You can see our fantastic new payment system in action in our video below:

Card Cutters Contactless Busker Video

Find out what Contactless Payments can do for you!

As always, you could realise the same benefits as this busker with your business if you were to invest in your own contactless card payment systems. Take a look at the terminals we have available and get in touch to make an enquiry to see what these fast payment systems could do for you.

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