Card Machines For Seasonal Businesses

Seasonal BusinessesAre you a seasonal business who does most of your trade in the summer?

We are the only merchant services provider who is able to offer a seasonal package where you pay for your merchant services during the summer when business is booming, not during the winter months when business is slow.

We only collect terminal rentals from April to September so you won’t pay anything after September until the first direct debit comes out in April. We also don’t have a minimum monthly service charge on your merchant account so if you don’t process any transaction charges during a month there is no minimum billing that you need to worry about.

Why choose Card Cutters?

At Card Cutters we pride ourselves on the service we provide and aim to offer solutions that fit the needs of our customers. After hearing feedback in the industry of seasonal business unhappy to pay a terminal rental and a minimum monthly service charge while they are closed during the winter months we decided to work on a solution. We understand that costs during the winter months are a big factor as most seasonal businesses are closed or if they are open do much less business during this time.

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