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Business Start-Up OfferCard Machines for Small Businesses

  • Short contract only 18 months
  • Rental from £9.99 a month for a static/fixed terminal
  • Get your account approved within 48 hours 90% of our customers do
  • Get extra revenue through card payments and impulse purchases
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Seasonal Businesses

Card Machines for Seasonal Businesses

  • The only company to offer you a solution designed specifically for seasonal businesses
  • Only pay for your terminal for 6 months of the year in the summer pay nothing during the winter months
  • £0 minimum monthly billing so if you dont do any transactions you wont pay any transaction fees
  • Contact us today for further information or to get this special offer for your business

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Refer A FriendRefer a Friend

  • Refer a friend to Card Cutters so they can get a great deal on their merchant services
  • Not only will they get a great deal you can get either £50 in gift vouchers or 3 months free rental
  • The referred business needs to go live within a month of referral to qualify
  • 3 free months rental is limited to one terminal
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For further information or if you would like a no obligation quote for any of our solutions contact one of our advisors on 01909 776532 or sales@card-cutters.co.uk


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