Small Business Startup Card Machine Rental

If you are a small business startup looking for your first card machine to rent, then Card Cutters can help you every step of the way with our great range of ReadyMade bundles from EvoPayments UK.

Card Cutters know only too well the importance of being able to set up Card Acceptance Solutions that are simple to set up and simple to understand.

That is why we are working alongside our Merchant Services Provider Evo Payments in the UK to offer a collection of ‘Ready Made’ pricing bundles to ensure that your Merchant Services and Card Machine Rental charges are as clear as possible.

Ready Made bundles can be used alongside a variety of Card Cutters Ingenico Card Machines whether this is Countertop, Bluetooth, Mobile, Wi-Fi and Contactless enabled terminals, speak to us about choosing the right Card Machine for your business needs.

Benefits of Ready Made

Predictable – having a fixed bundle allows you to fully understand your monthly charges and helps you plan your expenditure easier. As your business grows you can clearly see the different levels of ready-made bundles available to your business.

Simple – Just like your mobile phone plan, our ready-made bundle has a simple pricing structure that is easy for you to keep track of your monthly transaction charges.

Affordable – We always ensure that our ready-made bundles are as affordable and competitive as possible against other Merchant Services suppliers, meaning we pass on our best value process throughout your contract with us. Our packages include all charges such as rental for the card machine(s) and authorisation.

Is your business suitable for Ready Made?

Our low-cost Ready Made bundles will be a great option for new Merchants and those businesses that turn over less than £110,000 per year.

If your business accepts between £0 – £9000 per month in transactions, then your plan can start from as little as £17 per month for your Merchant Services. (This excludes your Card Machine Hire Costs).

If you are interested in talking through the Ready Made bundles for your small business, then please get in touch with us today.

POS Bundles

EVO Ready Made POS

E-commerce Bundles

Evo Eccomerce Bundle

Small Business Offer - ReadyMade Bundles

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