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Low Cost Mobile Chip & Pin Terminal

Through our partner Payatrader we are able to provide a low cost mobile terminal designed specifically for the small business market. We know that you don’t want to be tied into long contracts or tying yourself in for large fixed costs that could affect your cashflow. That is why we have setup an agreement with Payatrader to allow us to offer this solutions to our clients.Payatrader Mobile Card Machine

You can rent your paymate from just £3* per week which includes all SIM charges and terminal support.

You could also choose to buy a paymate for £199 with this there is a small weekly cost of £1.50 for SIM usage and terminal support.

Either way you can return the terminal after an initial 12 month period.

The paymate allows you to process payments using chip and pin to ensure that you are fully protected against fraudulent cards as well as send a text message receipt to your customers saving on the cost of paper rolls. All your transactions can be reviewed by logging into your account online making reconciliation easy.

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Quoting CC25

The application process only takes a few minutes and by using the CC25 discount code you can claim a £25 discount off the normal £99 joining fee.

*Prices quoted exclude VAT.


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