Ollivander19 The Contactless Wand From Card Cutters

Ollivander19 - The Contactless Payment Wand

The Latest Payment Innovation from Card Cutters – Ollivander19 – The Contactless Payment Wand

As Contactless Payment specialists, Card Cutters have created a brand new prototype – The Ollivander19, which is the first contactless payment wand – find out more about our latest magical creation below.

Card Cutters are proud to unveil the Ollivander19 – a first in spellbinding contactless payments.

Take a look at our latest wand in action!

Any wizards, fans of Harry Potter and even druids alike will be enchanted by this charming method of paying for items £30 or under. Better still though no tongue-twisting spells are needed, you can simply tap your wand and go without the need for ‘Accio’.

A Few Techy Tricks up our Sleeves!

As specialists in merchant payment terminals, we’ve used some clever trickery and the same near field communication (NFC) technology you see in standard debit and credit cards with the Oliverander19, by inserting a chip into the end of the wand. So whether you’re buying Pumpkin Pasties, some Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans, or your weekly shop, you can make the experience a magical one every time.

The Chosen Ones

Unlike our range of merchant payment terminals though, you cannot simply purchase an Ollivander19. Instead, much like it’s Harry Potter-inspired namesake, the wand chooses you. To be in with a chance of being amongst the wizarding chosen ones then, you need to sign up below:

Find out what Contactless Payment Technology can do for your business!

As always, you could realise the same benefits as this busker with your business if you were to invest in your own contactless card payment systems. Take a look at the terminals we have available and get in touch to make an enquiry to see what these fast payment systems could do for you.

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