Low Cost Mobile Card Machine

Card Cutters are pleased to be working with PayaTrader to provide you with a flexible low-cost mobile card machine that has been specially designed for small businesses.

Low Cost Mobile Card Machine

This great little payment machine starts at just £3 (excluding VAT) per week including all SIM charges and support.

Or you can purchase it for £199 and a weekly charge of £1.50 for your SIM charges and support.

Some great benefits include

  • Secure payment via chip and pin
  • Payment is sent to the customer via email saving money on paper receipts
  • You can easily review your transactions via your online account.

The applications process takes a matter of minutes and by using our special offer code of CC25 you will receive a £25 discount off the normal £99 joining fee.

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Here at Card Cutters, we are pleased to be able to offer the Cashplus Business Banking Account powered by a Cashplus MasterCard. A Cashplus account is a low-cost alternative to traditional business banking accounts, no credit checks are required and 80% of applications are approved within 5 minutes!Apply Here Today!
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