Contactless Card Machine Rental

Our wide range of Ingenico Contactless Card Machine Rentals can be used as a Countertop, Mobile, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi capable contactless machine.

Contactless Card Machine Rental

Card Cutters are pleased to be able to offer the latest contactless card machine rental technology with our range of Ingenico Card Machines.

Our Contactless card machines can be used either as a Countertop, Bluetooth, Mobile and Wi-Fi contactless capable machine.

Quicker Transactions

Contactless Card Machines enable you to take customer payments of £30 or less much quicker, freeing up your time with other customers.

Using a Contactless Card Machine is simple, a customer simply places their enabled card against the card machine and the transaction will be quickly completed. There is no need to check a signature or enter a pin number.

Simply look for the Contactless Technology sign to make use of this time-saving technology with your next customer.

We are able to offer both Ingenico and Spire Contactless Enabled Card Machines – ask us which is best for your business.

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