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Contactless Static Terminal

Contactless payment machines are a revolutionary feature which is in the process of being introduced in the UK. When making payments of £30 or less, a card featuring contactless payments technology can simply be held to the reader to pay, making purchases quicker and more convenient for both retailers and consumers.

It takes a matter of seconds for the lights on the card machine to illuminate, confirming that the transaction has been approved. There is no need for Chip & PIN. No need for signatures.

Why Choose Contactless Payment Machines?

Processing transactions through a chip and PIN terminal is quickly becoming the most popular method of payment as it’s a convenient and secure system. However, statistics published in 2008 suggest that 70% of customers will walk away if a queue is too long. This is where contactless payment machines are invaluable.

Contactless payments technology is guaranteed to improve your customer service. The speed of this innovative technology will reduce waiting times, allowing you to serve more people, more quickly. If you think that your business could benefit from processing transactions in less than a second, get in touch today.

Contactless Terminal Buying Guide

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