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Secure Payment Systems

Static Card Machine

Static/desktop terminal

  • Solution suitable for any retail environment
  • An ideal card payment machine to take payments at a counter/tillpoint
  • Benefits include small footprints – fast quiet thermal printing- easy to install, setup & take payments
  • Dial up & IP running through your phone line or broadband
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Contactless Static TerminalContactless terminal

  • Lightning-fast transactions processed in under a second
  • Lower processing cost for contactless payments
  • Contactless is used for transactions under £30
  • All contactless terminal types are available
  • Still able to take chip and pin and over the phone transactions like any other terminal

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Portable Card MachinePortable/Bluetooth Terminal

  • Ideal if you offer ‘pay at table’ service
  • Card payment machine uses Bluetooth technology
  • Range approximately 100metres from base station
  • Benefits include small footprint- ergonomically designed- lightweight
  • Long Battery Life – Up to 650 transactions on one battery

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Mobile Card MachineMobile/GPRS Terminal

  • Ideal payment terminal for exhibitions or businesses on the move
  • Uses GPRS technology and a roaming sim to ensure the best connection
  • Doesn’t require a phoneline allows you take payments anywhere providing a GPRS signal is available
  • Benefits include small footprint- ergonomically designed- lightweight
  • Process up to 650 transactions on one charge

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Virtual TerminalVirtual/E-Terminal

  • Ideal solutions for taking transactions over the phone
  • No extra hardware or software needed. Processed via any Internet browser
  • Multiple users can use a one virtual terminal at the same time to process multiple transactions
  • Monitor your transactions and sales in real-time
  • Search payment history, check payment status, extract reports real-time
  • Modify the configuration of your account 24 hours a day from any computer

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