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Welcome to the Card Cutters Blog – here you can find the latest news and views from Card Cutters about our company and our partners.  We also share the latest industry news to keep you up to date with the latest news and views all in one place.

Why Choose Card Cutters Blog

In our latest blog, we discuss why since 2009, Card Cutters have been at the forefront of providing Card Acceptance and Payment Solutions to Merchants across many different sectors. We aim to provide the perfect options for businesses of any size and love to be able...

Choosing The Best Card Machine For Your Business

In this weeks blog, we discuss the importance of choosing the best card machine for your business and how it can enhance your customer shopping experience. The Countertop Card Machine For many small businesses who need to liaise directly with their customers at a set...

Best Advantages To Taking Card Payments

In this week’s blog, we discuss the card payments advantages and the decision to accept card payments has already been made by vast amounts of businesses, small and large, with increasing amounts of different forms of businesses branching out and doing so all the...

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