Mobile Credit Card Terminals

Mobile Credit Card Terminal

The Ingenico mobile credit card terminal brings true mobility to payments and your business, allowing you to receive payments anywhere in the UK that has GPRS signal. This means that you can take mobile card payments wherever your business takes you, as well as removing the need for cheques or card not present transactions. This is the first pocket sized mobile credit card terminal, offering high performance, using GPRS technology to process payments quickly and securely.

This device boasts an excellent battery life; being able to process up to 650 transactions on one charge, ensuring that you can handle a day of busy trading without having to keep an eye on your battery. With Ingenico technical support to back you up, this is the perfect solution for businesses on the move. Whether you need to take payments on deliveries, at exhibitions or shows, or you are a roaming business, this is one of the very best mobile payment solutions around.

Mobile Credit Card Processing

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